Sadly, we lost a member of our family last week. Root Beer became the victim of a hit and run. Luckily it was Wade and not the kids who found her. Max was pretty sad and cried a little bit. Nikki tried really hard to be sad for about 2 seconds. Then all she cared about was finding out how flat she'd been squished. "Is she flat like a pancake?" Now she likes to tell everyone, "Our cat got squished by a car and we're going to put her in a box and bury her and she's gonna turn into a skeleton." Is my daughter unusually morbid? Poor Root Beer. We'll miss you, well, some of us will (Wade not as much).

Max and Nikki helped act out the Nativity story on Christmas Eve. Whitney was supposed to be shepherd, but didn't want to wear the robe.

Merry Christmas!! We had one, I hope you all did too. The kids got to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas, a few times. Max saw santa at the mall, and at church and we stopped and talked to him while he was driving his Jeep down the street. Max wasn't sure how that worked. We spent our first Christmas in our house.