look at this!

look whose little christmas table scape got a tiny little feature post over at simply grove, one of my favorite design blogs (just recently gone dot com). MINE! i'm very flattered.


skimming the fat

today i discovered the perfect technique for skimming the fat off the stock in your pot roast pan.
shove enough cut potatoes and carrots around your roast to bring all the liquid to within a 1/4 inch of the lip of your pot.
cover with the lid.
leave the house in a hurry for dance lessons and scouts and return three hours later.
when you return there will be no trace of fat in your pot.
no need for skimming to get to the good stuff for making gravy.
now, if you can just keep your kids from slipping in the puddle of grease that's spilled down your cabinets and all over the floor, you'll be set for a feast.
bon appetit !!



what do you do with an exchange like this between you and your barely-two-year-old?

devan - mom, guess what!

me - what?

devan - poopey butt!!! (followed by loud, bawdy laughter.)

do i tell her she's on the naughty list?


yes, i have a giant elk head in my entry

and yes, it was hung withOUT my permission.
two years of threatening to take it down myself and i've actually grown a bit attached to the thing.
or maybe i don't notice it anymore.
whatever the case,
those lights are pretty sweet.