flashbacks of last summer

today i pulled out my waterproof camera to get ready for a rafting trip for wade and found these gems still on the memory card from last summer.  
they made me really excited for warm weather.  
our friends, travis and missy, invited us to go rafting with their family near the end of the summer last year.
oh man!  it was perfect, especially considering i was about 8 months pregnant and that water was the perfect temperature for dangling puffy pregnant ankles in.

whitney kept jumping out of the raft right as we'd come up to the rapids.  apparently they're more fun that way.

see?  i was literally just along for the ride and offered exactly zero help in getting the raft, kayaks and children down the river.
it was pretty sweet.
also, it was nothing short of a miracle that i was able to clip my life vest.
zipping it was out of the question.

gwen ended up asleep.  i guess the rocking and bumping motions were more soothing than the waves of water in her face were shocking.

handsome devil

the favorite mode of raft entry : penguin launch

missy and darling makenna

sup, gurlz?

travis let devan "steer" the raft for a long while.

this is the last we saw of his hat and glasses.
i wonder why.

nik and alexis

seems strange to post anything without elle in any photos.
i guess she technically went rafting with us too ;)