three months

today gwen is three months, which is so hard to believe. it's gone so fast. too fast.
this little dab is such a joy! she's perfect, really.
she's been smiling for a couple of months and i've even tickled a few laughs out of her.
she loves to be talked to and almost always rewards you with goofy smiles and coos.
her new favorite spot, other than her bed, is the high chair in the kitchen where she can see what's going on and, as a bonus, where she's out of danger of being hauled off by her three-year-old sister.
she's rarely fussy, and when she is it's because she wants to sleep.
i love this baby.
i feel intensely connected to her.
like we understand something about each other that's been there forever.
(plus she slept 12 hours last night)
we're keeping her.