it's spring time

and chocolate and jelly bean drip time.
this one's for all the grandmas out there.
let's hear it now - aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww

did you notice the head bands? yeah, i thought i was pretty clever.
happy spring!


row your boat

whitney singing

woe woe woe
your boat
gently down the stream
mer - lee
mer - lee
mer - lee
mer - lee
life is a BUTT dream ... life is a BUTT dream!

bet you can't guess her favorite part of the song.


style quiz

took the style quiz at sproost.com and was characterized as 50% vintage modern. DUH! anything that says flea market, thrift store or garage sale in the description is a winner. also 25% french eclectic and 25% contemporary. i don't know, but i LOVE this room. what's your style?


a bit of sacrilege

Nik - mom, is it impossible for people to fly?
Me - no. people fly all the time. in planes and hang gliders and...
Nik - no! i mean with nothing at all.
Me - yeah. it's impossible, unless someone throws you really far.
Max - no. Jesus can fly.
Me - yeah, but that doesn't count. Jesus can do anything.
Nik - yeah, like the full splits.