we took the kids to disneyland last week. what a blast!! i think we had even more fun than the kids, and the kids had A LOT of fun. i hadn't been since i was 12 and i had forgotten how cool it is. the kids were at full speed all day every day so we were all totally pooped when we got home. just a few pics of the trip.
the first ride of the trip nikki very pleased that she didn't crash her car. she really thought she was in total control of the car and got very anxious every time we rounded a corner.
lego heaven
doesn't that look delicious? those are all legos.
this was the longest line we waited and it was only about 25 minutes long.

buzz light year was a favorite. for obvious reasons.

on a merry-go-round
teacups 1
teacups 2

i'm going to disneyland!!!
our roller coaster stopped at the top of the matterhorn. after about 15 minutes of sitting some employees came out of a door on the side of the mountain and walked us down. the kids were so excited that we got to go INSIDE the mountain and see how it all worked. here's nikki on the inside of the matterhorn. i know. very privileged v.i.p. guests.

do you think nikki was excited? whitney and devan were passed out while we watched a parade.
everyone, except max, is asleep here. i think this means they had a good time.
thanks, wade, for sponsoring this send-the-pillings-to-disneyland event!

baubles n' bobs

"see my pretty new earrings?!!"
"look! seeee?"

"and look at my crazy hair too."

"isn't it funny? and crazy too?"



docter, doctor. what's the dif? not much, in my opinion. you all knew what i meant. except, when you have a degree in english, with an emphasis in editing, of all things, you should probably catch that one pretty quickly. but i have a simple theory about why i can't spell, and it's based on the very tool that is supposed to prevent non-words from creeping in to your text. spell check. yup. i can't spell because of spell check. the enormouse workload of my undrgraduate years forced me to use that tool with carelessness. all those hundreds and hundreds of pages clipped out from my little lap-top years ago.

clip clip clip. clip clip clip clip.

"no need to worry about how i'm spelling things. when i'm done i'm just going to click that little abc check mark and i'm good".

see how destructive that was? see what a bad habit i formed? but was there any other choice? uh, no. not when there were like ten billion papers due each week. like i'm actually going to flip through a dictionary and learn how to spell that word the right way. i much prefer choosing from a list of possible intended words that my oh-so-thoughtful computer always supplied. i love options.

and so, i don't really care that i can't spell. how often do i actually put pen to paper to write something for anyone other than myself anyway? admitedly, sometimes i do wish i had a dictionary in my purse when i'm fillng out the spell-out-the dollar-amount line on a check {is it fourty or forty?}, and i often make lists of possible spellings on a peice of scratch paper when i'm writing a note, after which i usually just find a good synonym for the word in question. but that's just because i don't want anyone to think i'm uneducated, which is just silly, because now you all know that the reason i can't spell in the first place is because of my education.

so, spell check is my friend, except when it doesn't check my post header.


docter docter

a conversation max had with the pediatrician

doc - so how's school going, max? you learning lots of good stuff?

max - ya. i'm learning lots of stuff. my mom says i have a good ... hmm ... what do you say i have, mom?

me - a good memory.

max - a good memory.

i thought that was perfect.


i'm thankful for ...

nik - dear henley father, i'm thankful for this day. help me to have a good night sleep. amen.
me - are you thankful for anything else besides "this day"?
nik - um ... tuesday. and sunday. and saturday. and some of the mumps but i'm not sure what the different mumps are called.
me - good enough.