docter docter

a conversation max had with the pediatrician

doc - so how's school going, max? you learning lots of good stuff?

max - ya. i'm learning lots of stuff. my mom says i have a good ... hmm ... what do you say i have, mom?

me - a good memory.

max - a good memory.

i thought that was perfect.


Rachel said...

Your kids are funny. I love that you post the interesting conversations you have with them all the time. Every time you post a little story I leave your blog laughing. What fun times you guys must have.

Kim said...

Oh that cracks me up!!!

jen said...

That is so hilarious! What fun children you have!

. said...


Lauren B. said...

My kids always "perform" the best for doctors. Jared who knows every animal under the sun was at the doctors with me the other day. The doctor had a picture of an elephant up in his office. Jared has known what an elephant was since about 8 months old. Yet, when the doctor asked him if he knew what kind of animal it was, he said "I don't know what that is!" What??? Also, more recently, the Dr. asked him what his favorite fruit is and he said lettuce and cheese. Way to make me proud Jared!

eloise12 said...

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