favorite quote of the day

after telling whitney to get in bed.
whitney: I'M... NOT WHITNEY....I'M....A WO-BOT....WHITNEY'S...IN....DA BAFFWOOM.


this is cool

and bragging a little bit, but i'm okay with that. see this here cover of this here journal?

well, that's wade's case!! his case was chosen to be on the cover of the journal of the american academy of cosmetic dentistry and it features two articles, about 10 pages total, written by wade himself! the journal is published quarterly and distributed world wide, and is the IT journal when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. The best of the best. what's more, his case will be used for all of the aacd advertising for the next year. this honor is only given to one dentist worlwide every other year. that means you'll be seeing wade's work in magazines like O, women's health, vogue, shape, redbook, and more. wade's worked really hard for this, so congratulations babe!! you deserve this and i'm so proud of you.