pillings incognito

it's all over. kind of sad. max was a ninja and i could hardly get any pictures of him all night, i guess cus' he was a ninja. nik was tinkerbell and whitney was peter pan. devan an octopus.

"we can fly" jumps


you can't judge a book...

it's thursday night and i'm getting revved up to complete (after starting) a couple of costumes. max is a little worried he might have to go as a second grade boy.
on his way down the hall towards his bed -
-mom, why didn't you just get one of the ninja costumes from the goodwill? (those words said with real tears and a bit of panic)
-i could tell they were all really flimsy. they would just fall apart.
-mom! you can't just say you could tell they were flimsy. that's like looking at a person and saying he's mean just by looking at him!
and that's max. always the last to judge a person by his cover.



the other morning max came downstairs with some very concerning news.

m - mom, someone stole a dollar from my bank. i counted my money last night and i'm missing a dollar.

uh, i couldn't tell him that actually the toothfairy had to borrow a dollar and would pay him back that night. can you imagine the line of questions that would have unleashed. i wasn't prepared to encounter that adolescent milestone. he's only 7, for heaven's sake, and i need as many more years as i can get of good "santa's watching you" threats.

anyway, nikki, standing there listening, clutching a new dollar bill, pushing her tongue through a new hole in her teeth, looked worried. she pulled me down to her level and quietly, after looking over both shoulders, said,

"mom. i think i know who took max's money."

crap! she was awake?

"i think obama took his money. he must have snuck in here last night."

poor thing. she thinks our could-be president wants to take all our money.

oh ... wait ...