i must be special

last weekend we took gwen on her first camping trip. the other kids came too.
we pulled it off without a hitch because the kid likes to sleep.
this is how she spent most of the trip.

i didn't take tons of pictures.
just imagine a herd of filthy little blond kids running amuck.
we went with a big group of friends and practically ran the rest of the campers out.
the camp host was so glad when we left.
max successfully got reprimanded by the camp host once, the ranger twice and then got pulled over by a cop, with lights flashing and everything.
do not let your nine year old operate (child sized) motorized vehicles on public property.
wade's never been so proud, and i didn't know who that kid's parents were.

notice jordan lounging in that chair?
well, jordan made it very clear that he brought that chair camping so his wife would be comfortable. and when we went down to the beach he asked me a couple of times if i wanted him to bring it down so i'd have something nice to sit in.
notice who's doing the lounging.
there's no shame in wanting a comfy spot to sit your rump.

this is the only picture i got of wade. sorry if this is offensive.
poor mallari saw wade's butt twice.
once was my fault because of a tent mishap
which involved me falling on the tent while wade was changing inside,
and the other, well, let's just say wade's not always as careful as he should be.

and one more exciting bit. little gwen started smiling at me last week.
i didn't believe it was a for real smile at first.
i don't remember my other kids smiling as early as 3 weeks, i'll have to check my records,
but she is really truly smiling at me.
not that lolling in and out of consciousness, milk-drunk grin babies do,
but a real eyes locked, alert, happy to see you smile.
i don't know.
i must be special...
or her food source.


baby gwen

i love these pictures.
my good friend, amy, took these for me last week
and i think they are perfect.

thank you, amy.


thanks, guys!

just wanted to say a couple of thank yous.
thank you, gwen, for sleeping through the night the other night.
not bad for not quite two weeks old.
i think we'll keep you.

and thanks, jordan, for the black eye.
nothing like catching a ski rope in the face for
achieving that sexy smokey eyed effect.
the surfing was worth it anyway.