thanks, guys!

just wanted to say a couple of thank yous.
thank you, gwen, for sleeping through the night the other night.
not bad for not quite two weeks old.
i think we'll keep you.

and thanks, jordan, for the black eye.
nothing like catching a ski rope in the face for
achieving that sexy smokey eyed effect.
the surfing was worth it anyway.


I am MommaCat said...

She is SO cute!!!
......and WHAT happened to your eye?

. said...

Sure that's what happened ;)

Randy and Danielle said...

Well it is always good to be thankful.

Anonymous said...

Cute little girl!

Looks like you fell off a swing and hit your face on somthing under the tree that used to be in front of Mom and Dad's house (reminds me of 22 years ago).

Anonymous said...

That was Jess ^^^^^^