proud motherhood moment:

successfully remembering and teaching to my children 
the lyrics to this song:

"great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts,
mutilated monkey feet,
chopped up baby parakeet,
french fried eyeballs rolling up and down the street.
gee, i forgot my spoon.
but i have a straw!!"

the straw part is new to me, but totally logical.
don't even pretend you don't know this song.


7 months, yo

do you know how much i love this face?
i know you do.
this is her new trick face she likes to pull.

and this is her little smirk she throws around
like nobody's business.

time is flying by too fast with this little one.


a picture (hanging) post

do you know the easiest way to hang a wall of pictures?
i do.
believe me, i've tried them all.
you need a roll of butcher's paper, or art paper.
measure the length of the wall you want to fancy up 
and cut your paper to that length.
i had to tape two long pieces together to get the right height.
then just start laying out all of your frames.  play around with it.  take pictures of different arrangements and them decide.

after you have the layout more or less to your liking
outline each frame with marker, pencil, lipstick, whatever.

get someone cute to check on your progress.

as you take the pictures off the paper write which pictures go in each box.

now hang the paper on the wall and start nailing hangers right over the paper.  told you it was easy.

i switched a couple of frames and added one as i went along, because i'm indecisive like that.  i also left room to add/switch  frames as time goes on, because... i'm indecisive like that.

once you're satisfied tear the paper down.  you might need to take the pictures down to get all the paper off, but don't take them down all at once or you might forget where they're supposed to go.

i'll show you more pics when i actually have stuff in all the frames, and when my curtains aren't just folds of fabric slung over a rod.

and what do you think of my "new" white piano?  it was my birthday gift from the man.  i love love love it.

happy picture hanging.


favorite quote of the day

guy 1 : I wonder if there's life on other planets.

guy 2 : what do you care?  you don't even have a life on this planet.


from Muppets from Outer Space



in honor of this the national day of LOVE you really
need to listen to this.
every person needs to know this.  i hope you do.

now, these are my valentines today.

have a fabulous valentines day!


squinkie squabble

do your little girls play with squinkies?
mine do, unfortunately.
today whitney thought it would be fun 
to dump her approximately 3 million bean-sized bouncy squinkies
all over the floor of the big wide hallway.
sadly, for her, she failed to remember that location is key 
when engaging yourself in criminal activities such as these.
the dump occurred not two steps from both me and the vacuum, 
which seems to permanently reside in my hallway for just such occasions.
just as the last squinkie came to rest my daughter and i locked eyes.
quick as a wink the vacuum was in my hand, motor running,
and we understood each other COMPLETELY.
with my lips stretched into a sinister grin the race was on.
i have never seen such a frantic look in the eyes of a young person.
i also have never, ever seen my daughter clean a 50 square-foot section faster then she did today.
"well, now we all know how fast you can clean. "
is all she heard as she whisked her rescued treasures upstairs to a safer playground.