squinkie squabble

do your little girls play with squinkies?
mine do, unfortunately.
today whitney thought it would be fun 
to dump her approximately 3 million bean-sized bouncy squinkies
all over the floor of the big wide hallway.
sadly, for her, she failed to remember that location is key 
when engaging yourself in criminal activities such as these.
the dump occurred not two steps from both me and the vacuum, 
which seems to permanently reside in my hallway for just such occasions.
just as the last squinkie came to rest my daughter and i locked eyes.
quick as a wink the vacuum was in my hand, motor running,
and we understood each other COMPLETELY.
with my lips stretched into a sinister grin the race was on.
i have never seen such a frantic look in the eyes of a young person.
i also have never, ever seen my daughter clean a 50 square-foot section faster then she did today.
"well, now we all know how fast you can clean. "
is all she heard as she whisked her rescued treasures upstairs to a safer playground.

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Anonymous said...

This is the best post ever!!!!!!!

I remember Dad racing me to pick up the GI Joe and He Man toys that resided on my floor. If he cleaned it he kept it, if I cleaned them I kept them. I lost several of my favs that day:(