do you barbeque...

...your pizza?
you should.
it's easy, fast, crispy and oh so delicious.

1. roll dough into thin, medium-sized oblong shapes
2. brush one side with olive oil
3. place dough directly on the grill over medium heat, 
oiled side down 
(my grill's lame so the only temperatures i get are scorching hot and flaming hot, but i like charred crust)
4. while the bottoms of the crusts cook, brush the tops with olive oil and sprinkle with a good sea salt
5. when the tops are bubbly and the bottoms seem cooked (this only takes a few minutes) flip the crusts
6. now add your sauces and toppings and close the lid.  you have to do this last step quickly to leave time for the cheese to melt before the crust is done cooking. 
if the bottoms are done cooking before the cheese melts move the pizzas to indirect heat.
  and watch your pizza carefully or you'll have a bonfire instead of dinner! 

the green pizza has pesto for sauce, fresh mozzarella, baby shrimp, spinach and lemon juice.  
it was goooood.

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annelisa said...

That looks so good! I'll have to try that.