adventures in thrifting 2 : tea tins

okay, so these aren't all really tea tins, but they could be.
i've had this little collection going for a couple years.
it kind of started by accident.  
my mom gave me one, then i came across another at some thrift store.
then another.
then i found myself specifically looking for more.
and there you have it.
i have more than are pictured that i didn't round up.

i definitely have my favorites.
the ones that aren't so favorite i give to nikki for her room.
i know, i'm so generous. 

these are two of my favorites.  
i love the different shades of pink mixed with the yellows and blues.
it's so happy.

this is another favorite.
it belonged to my great grandma and houses a slew of old fabric hooks and snaps and string.
aren't the birdies so sweet?

i'm not sure why i like them so much.  
i think it's just that they are so very old fashioned,
and totally and shamelessly flowery, gaudy and girly.
do you have any collections, thrifted or not?
and how do you display them?


Becky said...

Those are beautiful. I have never even noticed those in the world or heard of them. They are pretty cool. There is an awesome antique store in the town that I work. I love to go in at look at stuff. I'm always scared to buy stuff because I feel like by the time I get it home...it will just look like junk. Don't know how to pick stuff out. So far I'm looking for old but functional. I'm learning. I love your thrifting posts! Keep them coming.

Adri said...

I love your thrifting posts, too! I need lessons...can you come over?

Michelle said...

I have my own little collection of these lovely tins. I'm drooling over several of yours. I love how you displayed them. Mine are sitting on the window sill in our kitchen. Thanks for the inspiration.

Bille said...

I love how thrifty and crafty you are. It must be hereditary----right?!?

Bille said...

PS I used to have some of those, I think you have them now.