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what do you think of this boot in brown?


a new woman?

I know what you're thinking. "Is Elizabeth fit to be a mother?" Yes she's stuck in the grate of my stove. But this was post-removal of the kitchen stools. This child cannot be kept out of ANYTHING, despite all my childproofing efforts. So, those of you who talk to me on a regular basis know how frustrating this dilemma of outsmarting a barely two-year-old has been. But, I feel Whitney deserves some applause for recent improvements to her mischievous behavior. I'm not sure what it is, but she's been a little (and I stress "little") better lately. Hey, I'll take any bit I can get! She's not on the counter quite as much. She hasn't smeared butter on the counter or cupboards in a couple of weeks. I don't have to duck tape every diaper on. She's clothed about half the time, as opposed to a quarter of the time. I now have some use for the seat belt on the shopping cart now that Whitney chooses not to slither out of it and stays put. It's been a while since she took a bath with all her clothes on. Wait ... no. I take that back. She did that last night, but it had been a while before last night. I haven't gotten the Spot Shot out for poop-portraits in a while. I've brought the stools back into the kitchen. So it's been easier to see the sweet, loving little baby girl who is my Whitney. Mad props to Whitney. Love you baby!


I think these say it all.


I keep getting harrassed to put some updated pics of the wee bebe.
Here she is just over two months old. She's already changed so much, and if you can believe it, is going through an even sleepier stage. Love the cheeks!


6 weeks ago...

Hard to beleive it's already been six weeks since we had Devan. These are just a few of her first pictures right after she was born.

Wade's pretty proud


Sleepy Time

Nikki wanted to hold Devan and watch a cooking show. When she wants to watch a cooking show I always know that means she's tired and will soon be asleep. This is how I found them a few minutes later.