I keep getting harrassed to put some updated pics of the wee bebe.
Here she is just over two months old. She's already changed so much, and if you can believe it, is going through an even sleepier stage. Love the cheeks!


Jenni said...

I noticed those adorable chubby cheeks at the gym today. She changes every time I see her (and that is saying something since I can't go more then a day or two with out my Elizabeth fix).

Jilene said...

She is looking more and more like your other kids. cute.

I am MommaCat said...

AWWW.....what a cutie-patootie! She has changed sooo much. I am going to say that she isn't looking so much like Whitney anymore.

Kim said...

AAAWWW!!!! I love when they start to get a little chubby in their cheeks!!! So cute!!!

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Anonymous said...

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