We thank thee, O God...

we will miss this beautiful man, a true prophet of God.


ski weekend

we spent part of the weekend in mccall skiing. so much fun! my mom gave wade a couple of nights at a time share for his birthday. this was the best gift ever. the terrys came along and added to the greatness. here are the kiddies {including wade} having lunch in the lodge.

me jenni

wade's at his best on a pair of skis. seriously makes me swoony.

very "cool" max

nik and daddy on the lift

max coming off the end of the rail. he did two bigger ones too but i couldn't get pictures.

on the lift

on another lift

"hi, my nose is squished"
i don't particularly LOVE skiing, but i really really love watching my kids have fun doing it, and doing it well. they both went up the big hills with us. max especially loved skiing the big hills and was much more comfortable {and better} than i was. he kept giving me pointers and encouragement. "turn now, mom. keep going. oh, you're doing great!" he really is the sweetest kid you'll ever meet. nikki was great too. i couldn't believe how well she did coming down the big hill. those kids skied ALL day long with hardly a complaint.


oh baby baby

devan grows and grows and still sleeps most of the day away. when she does decide to wake up she's the happiest baby ever. can you say "double-chin"?

toy monster

i told the kids that the toy monster might come tonight to feast on any toys that didn't get put away. as a warning, i told nikki that the toy monster would check under the beds for toys because he knows that some little people like to cheat at cleaning up. two minutes later :
max - mom!! nikki's putting all of my toys under her bed!