i did not just stay up till' one o'clock watching clueless with wade. wait. yes i did. pathetic.

glory days

why is it that strawberry shortcake and my little ponies can make a comeback and rainbow bright can't? don't you think that's sad considering she's by far the coolest? she's probably turned into a surly drunk who lives in the brilliance of her past.



a "conversation" between nikki and her friend cooper in the back seat of the van on the way to pre-school

nik - cooper, i'm in love with you.

coop - uhhh...

nik - do you renember when we kissed each other on the tramp?

(picture me biting my lip really hard to keep myself from yelling at nikki that she's too young to be kissing boys because i don't want her to know i'm listening because i want to hear the rest of what she has to say.)

coop - yeah.

nik - if you kiss someone then you're in love and you have to get married.

coop - uhhh...

nik - and so we have to get married.

hopefully this will scare cooper into not kissing any girls until he's engaged. sorry to lisa, cooper's mom.

i'm really in for it. and she's not even 5 yet.