a little gem

look what i snagged off Craig's list the other week. we used to have one like this at my grandparents' cabin growing up, expect it was white, or cream, or something. i just remember i loved pulling the step stool out and walking up the steps to sit on the seat, as if the seat was too high to just sit down on. i wonder what happened to it. anyway, when i brought it home i was surprised at how many people said, "we used to have one of those!" including wade's mom. it brought back a vivid memory of her mom sitting on the stool at the bread board in their kitchen, which she said she had forgotten all about.
she also said,

"you might want to paint it."

me : oh no! i like it just like that.

her : well, then you night want to clean it.

i might. maybe. maybe not.

good news is, for all of you who have a chair like this in your past, who also desire a churning of long-forgotten childhood memories, this chair can be yours (not mine, you dope. a remake version of the classic). this chair can be yours. except you'll pay more than twice as much as i did and it won't be the real thing, but you can't really put a price on memory, and that yellow is SWEET!

{i'm completely incapable of getting my pics in the right order. sorry. i have a hard enough time thinking forward. i can't think backwards too.}

p.s. i haven't cleaned it yet.

left devan with a babysitter tonight for the first time. sniff. she's growing up so fast.


happy birthday to ... who?

had a bit of a grumpy day. my girls. not me so much, although grumpy girls usually translates into grumpy mama. so. grumpy day.
solution? : birthday party, of course!

whose birthday? no one's. but what could be so bad that a little cake, candles, and birthday diddy sung six times can't fix?

(stole this from sharon. thanks for the idea!)


butterfly wishes

nik : mom! i just saw a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. can we go out and see it?
me : ya.
whit : mom! can we go see the butterfly changing a diaper?
me : i wish.

i how i wish. wouldn't that be nice. "oh look kids, here comes the magic daiper-changing-butterfly!! quick, whitney, get in line behind devan!!"

mamasource mayhem

so so sorry if you got an email from me about planting a tree!??! apparently this site, mamasource, which actually sounds like a great idea, hijacks your email list if you go to their site or if you sign up. so if you got one from me, i promise i didn't send it, and if you get a mamasource email from someone else just don't open it or even click on the link. blech. i hate spam.


a present

nik : open this, mom.
me : what is it?
nik : it's a ring for your pinkie!
me : oh! i love it!
nik : now can you make me something?
(two minutes later) nik : where's my thing you're supposed to be making?
me : i'll get right on it.

devan rolls!!

devan finally rolled over!! twice. yes, i know, she's almost 6 months old, but, seriously, every time i put her on the floor she just falls asleep. i guess she's starting to wake up to the world. yeah devan!


in search of ...

i have a little dilemma. you know, that one where you find a fabric you just LOVE and have to have and then you find out it's discontinued or that it's $120 a yard? well, i wish my problem was that this amazing houndstooth was discontinued, because knowing that it's out there and i can't have it is killing me. see this great teal chair? this is the chair that's patiently waiting for new life in devan's room. i'm willing to settle for another fabric, but it has to be brown and white, only, straight-lined-geometric and it has to have an oversized pattern. if you have any great fabric sources pass them on to me. i'm hitting dead-end after dead-end. since i won't be re-upholstereing this baby myself i can't justify spending more than $50 a yard.

where's whitney?

not in her nice big comfy bed.

oh, of course. behind that old box spring i keep meaning to throw away, covered up with a plastic sheet.

who wouldn't want to sleep with plastic in a "secret club", as she calls it? i guess this sleeping-on-floors-business should cut down on the furniture budget.