a little gem

look what i snagged off Craig's list the other week. we used to have one like this at my grandparents' cabin growing up, expect it was white, or cream, or something. i just remember i loved pulling the step stool out and walking up the steps to sit on the seat, as if the seat was too high to just sit down on. i wonder what happened to it. anyway, when i brought it home i was surprised at how many people said, "we used to have one of those!" including wade's mom. it brought back a vivid memory of her mom sitting on the stool at the bread board in their kitchen, which she said she had forgotten all about.
she also said,

"you might want to paint it."

me : oh no! i like it just like that.

her : well, then you night want to clean it.

i might. maybe. maybe not.

good news is, for all of you who have a chair like this in your past, who also desire a churning of long-forgotten childhood memories, this chair can be yours (not mine, you dope. a remake version of the classic). this chair can be yours. except you'll pay more than twice as much as i did and it won't be the real thing, but you can't really put a price on memory, and that yellow is SWEET!

{i'm completely incapable of getting my pics in the right order. sorry. i have a hard enough time thinking forward. i can't think backwards too.}

p.s. i haven't cleaned it yet.


I am MommaCat said...

Very cool.....how much did you end up getting it for???

pillingfamily said...


jen said...

I so remember having one of those chairs growing up in my kitchen. That's what I would use as a chair as well as a stool to put dishes away. But it was such a pain moving it around because it was so dang heavy. What a great deal.

Randy and Danielle said...

Wow, 20 bucks is a great deal; they have remakes at Target for about 80! My grandmother had a yellow one in her kitchen next to her phone and I to have vivid memories of loving that chair. Good Find my friend, good find.

Extraordinary Housewife said...

Honestly, who didn't have one of these? I heart craigslist so much. Too bad nobody lists anything on this side of the woods. -Lana

Heather said...

I know we never talk anymore but I do visit your blog every now and then. I love following the stories of your kids and all the fun posts you have. You are amazingly creative and resourceful. Do you still restore old bikes too in addtion to the stools and old chairs? HOw do you do it?--Heather Stratton =)

Sarah said...

Elizabeth! You are funny! Love the chair. Can I make a "scavenger shopping day" appointment with you! You find such great things and I am in need of bunk beds! But of course not just any bunk beds! I need your eye and your expertise! Let me know when I can take up your time, after laundry, dishes, carpooling, errands and everything else four kids and a dentist require of you! lol!

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