i'm in the kitchen with devan putting groceries away as she licks and sucks at the lollipop she chose at the store.
she then proceeds to CHOMP CHOMP CHMOP on the sucker.

me: ooooh!  don't chomp on that sucker, devan, you'll crack your teeth.

she pauses for a fraction of a second to consider my warning,
looks me straight in the eye and,

devan: that's not izacily true, mom.

and then continues to chomp as before.

wow.  i was under the impression that i was the one in charge around here.  i guess that's not exactly true. 


lunch prayer

devan's little prayer before lunch:
heanly father,
we're thankful for this day.
please bless that we'll be good.
pleas bless that we'll be nice.
please bless that we'll be lovely.
please bless that we won't hate...
umm, umm, umm,
little boys.
please bless that we'll be nice.

she forgot to bless the food, but i think she covered the more important issues of her personal struggles juuust fine.