do you barbeque...

...your pizza?
you should.
it's easy, fast, crispy and oh so delicious.

1. roll dough into thin, medium-sized oblong shapes
2. brush one side with olive oil
3. place dough directly on the grill over medium heat, 
oiled side down 
(my grill's lame so the only temperatures i get are scorching hot and flaming hot, but i like charred crust)
4. while the bottoms of the crusts cook, brush the tops with olive oil and sprinkle with a good sea salt
5. when the tops are bubbly and the bottoms seem cooked (this only takes a few minutes) flip the crusts
6. now add your sauces and toppings and close the lid.  you have to do this last step quickly to leave time for the cheese to melt before the crust is done cooking. 
if the bottoms are done cooking before the cheese melts move the pizzas to indirect heat.
  and watch your pizza carefully or you'll have a bonfire instead of dinner! 

the green pizza has pesto for sauce, fresh mozzarella, baby shrimp, spinach and lemon juice.  
it was goooood.


what the what!?! (a ridiculous amount of pictures to follow. i couldn't help myself)

today it's all about little gwenie pig.
because she's six months old.
and i can't believe it's been six months.
for crying out loud!!
(as devan would say)

this is exactly how this little dab takes in the world:
wide-eyed and alert and very observant and curious.
 almost inquisitive.
she kind of looks at you and checks you out,
determining if you're up to snuff.
unless you're mom.  mom's always up to snuff.

gwen is in love with her feet.  she spends a great deal of her time in pursuit of them, and once caught those little toesies endure her endless bestowal of smooches and declarations of love.

and she has perfected the pout.  
it's adorable but totally contrived.
she knows just how to use it to her advantage.

oh, this baby has my heart completely caught in the grasp of her chubby little slobbery hands.


adventures in thrifting 2 : tea tins

okay, so these aren't all really tea tins, but they could be.
i've had this little collection going for a couple years.
it kind of started by accident.  
my mom gave me one, then i came across another at some thrift store.
then another.
then i found myself specifically looking for more.
and there you have it.
i have more than are pictured that i didn't round up.

i definitely have my favorites.
the ones that aren't so favorite i give to nikki for her room.
i know, i'm so generous. 

these are two of my favorites.  
i love the different shades of pink mixed with the yellows and blues.
it's so happy.

this is another favorite.
it belonged to my great grandma and houses a slew of old fabric hooks and snaps and string.
aren't the birdies so sweet?

i'm not sure why i like them so much.  
i think it's just that they are so very old fashioned,
and totally and shamelessly flowery, gaudy and girly.
do you have any collections, thrifted or not?
and how do you display them?



it's a good thing she starts gymnastics next week.
and she's not stuck.  this is just her idea of a good time.