do you watch it? my family LOVES this show. it's the perfect sunday evening family show.
my new favorite animals:
weedy sea dragons

and japanese mudskippers.

next week that will change.
this is what's been heard at our house while we're watching this show.
"wow! look at...did you see that?!! what in the?!?"
"eeeeew! disgusting! he just barfed"
"i've never EVER seen that."
"how did he do that?!?"
it's an hour all about God's creations
what an amazingly magnificent and awe inspiring world we live in.
this earth, in all its' beauty and variety, is in itself a testament to the reality of the existence of a loving Heavenly Father.
we are so blessed to call this place home.


poor max

poor max didn't get to ski with us on spring break. he was still in his cast.

but the girls had fun skiing with cousins and aunt krissy and uncles ryan and jordan.

he did get to do lots of other fun stuff though.

on sunday he ran (crutched) down to cooper's house to get a pic with the other invalid on the street because tuesday was de-casting day. cooper broke his femur a couple weeks after max on the same ski hill max broke his leg. but cooper's was much worse and required surgery and metal bars and a wheelchair and all that.

one last shot of the shabby cast. this was cast number two. the first one was bright blue. then they felt sorry that he had to get a new one so they gave max a really spiffy model. the white parts glow in the dark.

he wore a hole in the heel.

off comes cast number two.

but wait. orange cast? sad face? yes. he's been sentenced to two more weeks of crutches. not quite healed.
dang it! poor kid. i guess this means no basketball camp over spring break. and i probably should pull him out of football since we're already three weeks into it and he hasn't been able to do anything but cheer for his team.

but max is a trooper. he was bummed for a little bit yesterday but he's back to his good ol' self. rolling with the punches over here. we're seven weeks in on this. two more weeks. i can do it. i mean max can do it. (i think i was more excited about max getting his cast off than he was.) oh well.


here we go

here i am at 20 weeks

well guys, here's the big news around here:
baby number five will be gracing us with HER presence the end of july/ beginning of august.
four girls.
oh my.
poor max.
i'm a little sad for max because he wanted a brother so badly,
but we're all thrilled.
wish us luck, because i'm a little freaked out.
i know wade is.

in other totally unrelated news, i caught devan shaving her legs in the shower this morning.
her technique was perfect, but i think two years old is a little too young for that sort of thing.


my father's dragon

did you love this book when you were little like i did? this was another one of my long lost stories from when i was a kid that i found at the good will.
it's funny, i recognized it immediately, but the only part of the story i remembered was of elmer elevator sitting under a tangerine tree eating tangerine after tangerine. the dragon, of course i remembered because i made a clay model of him for a book report. i remember carefully painting the blue and yellow stripes while we were at my grandparent's cabin. whatever happened to that thing? it went in the trash i'm sure

i was thrilled when my kids loved this book as much i did. i was kind of worried i had built it up in my mind but it was even better than i remembered (which wasn't hard to do, i guess, since i remembered so little).

this book is perfect for little little kids all the way up to older kids because the story is interesting and funny enough to keep the older kids interested, and there are enough fabulous illustrations to captive the little ones.

i guess now we need to read the other two books about elmer and his dragon.

p.s. i need to find out the relation of the author and illustrator who have the same first and last name, but different middle names.
sisters-in-law both named ruth?


houdini's in the house... or rather, OUT of the house

now that warm weather is upon us i fear we're going to have to resume our daily regiment of tracking down the girls, the two youngest girls. i'd hoped that a long stretch of uninviting outdoor temperatures, icy driveways, and chilling winds would be enough to make my girls forget the temptations of "the great escape". apparently not so. it's been years since any kind of child proofing lock has worked for whitney, in particular, but last year i discovered none would work for devan either. the constant toll of "where's whitney" rang through the hallways of our house and i found myself wishing the inviting summer weather away, in hopes that it might dissuade the little booger from her frequent escapades into nature. well, sunny days are here again and i'm finding the situation little improved, actually i'm finding the situation exacerbated by the self-realization of another little free spirit. devan has caught the bug.
yesterday my neighbor called me.
"did you know whitney #2 (that's devan) is here?"
of course i hadn't known because she had been at my side LITERALLY two second earlier!!
so now i see the chain locks will have to resume their full-time employment from now until next winter. and even those aren't 100% reliable with these two.
but i can't keep them out of the backyard, even though the 6 foot fence poses nary an obstacle.
whitney conquered that last fall, and my hopes of her having forgotten the thrill of the climb were dashed when i entered the backyard last week only to find my little four-year-old teaching her seven-year-old cousin the techniques of a seamless over-the-wall escape (without success). i'm sure her next pupil will be devan. and i'm sure she'll catch on more quickly than the last.
and earlier today i spent ten minutes searching my neighbor's vacant house for whitney, who went missing when we went out front for a few minutes. i swear, i watch my girls. they just watch me even closer, waiting for the second i turn my attention.
will my summer be spent searching for and chasing my girls down the street, again?!?
time will tell.


dear ross and tj maxx stores,

could you do me a solid and put the price tags on the BACK of your framed pictures? it's not that i don't appreciate the actual numbers on the sticker, but it's a bit of a bother having to spend an hour rubbing sticker glue off the glass.