do you watch it? my family LOVES this show. it's the perfect sunday evening family show.
my new favorite animals:
weedy sea dragons

and japanese mudskippers.

next week that will change.
this is what's been heard at our house while we're watching this show.
"wow! look at...did you see that?!! what in the?!?"
"eeeeew! disgusting! he just barfed"
"i've never EVER seen that."
"how did he do that?!?"
it's an hour all about God's creations
what an amazingly magnificent and awe inspiring world we live in.
this earth, in all its' beauty and variety, is in itself a testament to the reality of the existence of a loving Heavenly Father.
we are so blessed to call this place home.


alison said...

i have never heard of this show. what channel is it on? sounds very cool. another one that is fun for kids (it is a movie though) is microcosmos. i love those types of shows. thanks for sharing!

pillingfamily said...

this show is on the discovery channel on sunday evenings for about 8 weeks. we have microcosmos too! such a cool show.

annelisa said...

We're loving it too!

Peter and Amber said...

We love that show! So amazing! :-)

mags said...

we love it too!

Becky said...

For some reason I couldn't see the pictures until today. I'm glad I kept checking back! Amazing! I hope we have tv soon...well, actual channels instead of just snow and dvds. I especially can't wait to have the discovery channel again! I love that channel!

eloise12 said...

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