my father's dragon

did you love this book when you were little like i did? this was another one of my long lost stories from when i was a kid that i found at the good will.
it's funny, i recognized it immediately, but the only part of the story i remembered was of elmer elevator sitting under a tangerine tree eating tangerine after tangerine. the dragon, of course i remembered because i made a clay model of him for a book report. i remember carefully painting the blue and yellow stripes while we were at my grandparent's cabin. whatever happened to that thing? it went in the trash i'm sure

i was thrilled when my kids loved this book as much i did. i was kind of worried i had built it up in my mind but it was even better than i remembered (which wasn't hard to do, i guess, since i remembered so little).

this book is perfect for little little kids all the way up to older kids because the story is interesting and funny enough to keep the older kids interested, and there are enough fabulous illustrations to captive the little ones.

i guess now we need to read the other two books about elmer and his dragon.

p.s. i need to find out the relation of the author and illustrator who have the same first and last name, but different middle names.
sisters-in-law both named ruth?


Becky said...

That sounds like a cool book! I had never even heard of it. I'm going to see if our library has it!

I did a little internet research and found this Biographical Sketch:

Ruth Stiles Gannett (the author) is Ruth Chrisman Gannett's (the illustrator's) step daughter.

Anonymous said...

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