houdini's in the house... or rather, OUT of the house

now that warm weather is upon us i fear we're going to have to resume our daily regiment of tracking down the girls, the two youngest girls. i'd hoped that a long stretch of uninviting outdoor temperatures, icy driveways, and chilling winds would be enough to make my girls forget the temptations of "the great escape". apparently not so. it's been years since any kind of child proofing lock has worked for whitney, in particular, but last year i discovered none would work for devan either. the constant toll of "where's whitney" rang through the hallways of our house and i found myself wishing the inviting summer weather away, in hopes that it might dissuade the little booger from her frequent escapades into nature. well, sunny days are here again and i'm finding the situation little improved, actually i'm finding the situation exacerbated by the self-realization of another little free spirit. devan has caught the bug.
yesterday my neighbor called me.
"did you know whitney #2 (that's devan) is here?"
of course i hadn't known because she had been at my side LITERALLY two second earlier!!
so now i see the chain locks will have to resume their full-time employment from now until next winter. and even those aren't 100% reliable with these two.
but i can't keep them out of the backyard, even though the 6 foot fence poses nary an obstacle.
whitney conquered that last fall, and my hopes of her having forgotten the thrill of the climb were dashed when i entered the backyard last week only to find my little four-year-old teaching her seven-year-old cousin the techniques of a seamless over-the-wall escape (without success). i'm sure her next pupil will be devan. and i'm sure she'll catch on more quickly than the last.
and earlier today i spent ten minutes searching my neighbor's vacant house for whitney, who went missing when we went out front for a few minutes. i swear, i watch my girls. they just watch me even closer, waiting for the second i turn my attention.
will my summer be spent searching for and chasing my girls down the street, again?!?
time will tell.


Becky said...

That's scary...hard to coral the free spirits!

By the way, you are such a great writer! Were you an English major?

. said...

Ugh, I remember being so scared of them escaping when I watched them.

Jenni said...

I know the pains of having an escape artist. Your girls just make me grateful that mine is a dog.

Anonymous said...

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Jess said...

Proximity sensors........

You know the little anklets they make ex-cons use. Of course you will then need to set up a sensor perimeter.