supa star!!!!

devan's favorite thing to do is to put on a taylor swift or high school musical cd and rock out.
i find myself catching ominous glimpses of future teenage encounters as i yell up the stairs for the girls to
"turn that music down!!!"
at least it's all in fun... for now.
don't mind the saggy diaper.

watch the face. it's my favorite part.

also, devan insists on wearing this dress just about every single day. even after she threw up on it the other night she was reluctant to let me peel it off of her for a wash.


big blond heads

my favorite thing in devan's room is this group of framed prints that used to hang in my grandma's laundry room.
they're by joan anglund and she's written and illustrated some adorable children's books.
i think one of the reasons i like the prints so much is because the little people in them look just like my kids with their big blond heads.
speaking of big blond heads, the other night i was getting into bed with nikki for a little cuddle and i whacked my nose on nik's head really hard. i tried not to cry so she wouldn't feel bad, but in the morning i had a nice bruise on the bridge of my nose to show for it.
oh well.


i forgot

i was going through some old photos of max for a school project the other day.
i don't know how, but i had forgotten how cute he was as a baby.
isn't it sad that you can forget something like that?



a couple of weeks ago wade and i took a little trip to st. john. it's the smallest of the three u.s. virgin islands, and the quietest. we thought it would be the perfect time to take a trip, just the two of us, before the baby comes.
i didn't realize how exhausted i was until we got there and all i wanted to do was sit and nap on the beach.
it was perfect.
these pics are kind of boring. just lots of blue water and white sand.

one day we went over to the british virgin islands to see the baths, an amazing jumble of house-sized boulders that were spewed up long ago by a volcano. the pile of boulders creates a labyrinth of tunnels and "rooms" and secret passageways. i stuck to the more defined routs to avoid getting my belly jammed and stuck in some precarious position. wade made his own way climbing in and out of crevices. i kept thinking how much whitney would have LOVED this place.

wade did a few scuba dives and a deep sea fishing trip while i, you guessed it, sat on the beach and read my book.

can you believe that water?
we did lots and lots of snorkeling, my favorite thing to do when i'm pregnant.
you know, suddenly weightless. i always fall asleep.
this was just what we needed.
thanks mom for holding down the fort!


where are you summer?

it's been cold.
and cloudy.
and rainy.
and annoying because i'm ready for warm weather.
(especially since only one pair of my pants fits anymore and i will not purchase maternity pants. will not.)
did i ever share some of the photos that my awesome brother-in-law, mike, took of my family last summer?
i love them.
i love them.
and they are summer to me.

some of these are so funny to me.