where are you summer?

it's been cold.
and cloudy.
and rainy.
and annoying because i'm ready for warm weather.
(especially since only one pair of my pants fits anymore and i will not purchase maternity pants. will not.)
did i ever share some of the photos that my awesome brother-in-law, mike, took of my family last summer?
i love them.
i love them.
and they are summer to me.

some of these are so funny to me.


Shelby said...

I love these photos! I need Mike to come capture some of our family's summer! Makes me miss my pretty friend! xoxo

Jennece said...

My fav is the one of you and your daughter hugging, that one is so sweet, it shows a mothers love for her soon to be Five children, cute mommy!

Nead Family said...

i'm right here, silly....just take two steps out your door and it's 'summer' every day! xoxo

T and A said...

love the pics and I too love the better weather... wish it were here!