supa star!!!!

devan's favorite thing to do is to put on a taylor swift or high school musical cd and rock out.
i find myself catching ominous glimpses of future teenage encounters as i yell up the stairs for the girls to
"turn that music down!!!"
at least it's all in fun... for now.
don't mind the saggy diaper.

watch the face. it's my favorite part.

also, devan insists on wearing this dress just about every single day. even after she threw up on it the other night she was reluctant to let me peel it off of her for a wash.


Anonymous said...

I like how she flys off the bed and is still singing while climbing back up.

Soooooo cute.

Uncle Jess

Becky said...

So cute! I love how she got carried away and fell off the bed. The music was still playing so the show must go on!!! I also loved hearing you giggle! Very nice!

annelisa said...

She and Katelyn would be good friends. Then again, they might fight over the microphone!

Shelby said...

Hilarious! And HOW OLD IS SHE? I wonder who she's been watching to learn these moves? Hmmmm.

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