costco offerings

went to costco the other day with my mom to stock up before our trip and we had a little mishap.
actually more of an idiotic maneuver performed by one of the the "safety team" employees there.
we were heading towards the main big aisle that goes to the back of the store from behind the shelving that holds the big rafts and playhouses and outdoor stuff.
you know, the big giant towering shelves that you can't see over that should probably make someone semi-cautious when approaching with a gigantic double-wide heavy weight costco shopping cart.
well, this above-mentioned employee decided to throw all caution to the wind in the name of fetching something from the back of the store for whatever customer stood waiting at the register, tapping his fingers, trying to be patient for the retrieval of whatever thing it was he forgot to pick up.
this done by running FULL MAN SPEED pushing one of those mammoth carts.
wouldn't you know, whitney runs out into the aisle at exactly the same moment mr train-out-of-control comes careening by,
and guess who gets tagged.
snagged out of nowhere.
she just started kind of whimpering, and when whitney complains that something hurts it's for real.
this girl falls down the stairs and doesn't cry!
and he just STOOD there, probably about to pee his pants for fear of losing his job.
i didn't even hear him apologize. just asked if she was okay.
i don't know how, but she was okay.
my mom let him have it. she was FUMING. i had to laugh at her.

in the way of other costco offerings, there were actually ranunculus that day.
they rarely carry them and when they do it's just one bunch at a time.
oh, they make me happy.

so, thank you costco for an exciting afternoon and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.


annelisa said...

Glad Whitney is okay! The flowers are beautiful!

Becky said...

It's all fun and games (doing your job in a crazy way) til some innocent child gets wiped out! Sheesh. That dude learned his lesson...hopefully!

Those flowers are GORGEOUS!!!!

Nead Family said...

they should've given you the flowers for free....glad whitney could 'wimper' after being clobbered by a shopping cart 'semi'. that kid. pretty sure if i had been hit at running speed by one of those, i'd be crying myself. the flowers really are bee-u-ti-ful.