a picture (hanging) post

do you know the easiest way to hang a wall of pictures?
i do.
believe me, i've tried them all.
you need a roll of butcher's paper, or art paper.
measure the length of the wall you want to fancy up 
and cut your paper to that length.
i had to tape two long pieces together to get the right height.
then just start laying out all of your frames.  play around with it.  take pictures of different arrangements and them decide.

after you have the layout more or less to your liking
outline each frame with marker, pencil, lipstick, whatever.

get someone cute to check on your progress.

as you take the pictures off the paper write which pictures go in each box.

now hang the paper on the wall and start nailing hangers right over the paper.  told you it was easy.

i switched a couple of frames and added one as i went along, because i'm indecisive like that.  i also left room to add/switch  frames as time goes on, because... i'm indecisive like that.

once you're satisfied tear the paper down.  you might need to take the pictures down to get all the paper off, but don't take them down all at once or you might forget where they're supposed to go.

i'll show you more pics when i actually have stuff in all the frames, and when my curtains aren't just folds of fabric slung over a rod.

and what do you think of my "new" white piano?  it was my birthday gift from the man.  i love love love it.

happy picture hanging.


Becky said...

Genius! I am totally going to use that technique...in the very near future! I LOVE YOUR PIANO!!! AND those cute soon to be curtains! Could you just come decorate my house someday? I love your style!

Jennece Kahuhu said...

I think that is totally amazing how you came up with that technique, I am totally going to use that! Thanks for the genius tip!:) I really like your piano, it's pretty! What did you do with your other one that you were taking lots and lots of time on?

alison said...

that is awesome! i can't wait to actually hang some pictures. i can't help but notice your beautiful white piano. i love it! i have pianos on the brain lately because we are going to purchase one in the next year. any suggestions on buying pianos? any brands/ makers that you like better? i am totally clueless about all that.

Rachel said...

Best idea ever! Liz, I LOVE your style! Every time you post pics of your house I want to live in it and call it mine. I love love love how you decorate!

Rachel said...

BTW, PLEASE post more pics of your house! I love it so!

Shelby said...

great tip! I need some help hanging pics on my walls! The majority are so empty. where did you get your white frames and wood ones? I love them. And the white piano! Check you out! Happy Birthday!!! xoxo

pillingfamily said...

shelby, the frames are a mixture of ikea frames, custom frames and thrift store/antique store/yard sale finds.