proud motherhood moment:

successfully remembering and teaching to my children 
the lyrics to this song:

"great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts,
mutilated monkey feet,
chopped up baby parakeet,
french fried eyeballs rolling up and down the street.
gee, i forgot my spoon.
but i have a straw!!"

the straw part is new to me, but totally logical.
don't even pretend you don't know this song.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Not sure if you will even remember me but I am one of Kim's friends that moved here about 3 years ago...I have met you a few times. Anyway, I clicked on your blog thinking it might be another Pilling family that I know and I see that you are a thrift shopper. I am wondering where you do all of your thrifting around this area? Good finds, not the junk places :-)
Any help would be awesome. Thanks! Super cute family, btw.

pillingfamily said...

hey alesha. i remember you and your cute little boy. i do most of my thrifting at good will and D.I. and they are usually pretty hit or miss, but i seem to have good luck. there are some others like st. vincent's, salvation army and youth ranch that can be okay too. D.I. is usually better for furniture, though. it just depends. good luck.

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