what do you do with an exchange like this between you and your barely-two-year-old?

devan - mom, guess what!

me - what?

devan - poopey butt!!! (followed by loud, bawdy laughter.)

do i tell her she's on the naughty list?


mags said...

sounds like the 4th child to me! jace calls (2.5 years old) his sibs stupid, and he likes to tell me that, "i fawt."

Alison said...

Yes onto the naughty list with that cute little girl! J/K

Becky said...

Well, was she calling you that, or did she really have one?

Either way, cute!

annelisa said...

I can't find your email address. Here is my new address.
4210 Cromwell Ct.
Co. Springs, CO 80906
Devin is a cutie!