We went camping with some friends up in Stanley, Idaho for the Labor Day weekend. It got down to 34 degrees at night, but we kept warm in our tent.

Whitney was happy, as always.

This was the first day , about an hour after we got to the campsite, and Nik only got dirtier from then on.


Terry Family said...

I am so glad you did a blog!!! I love the pictures. We miss you guys. Ayden always talks about the time you all walked Max to the bus stop. It must have left quite an impression that Max gets to ride the bus. When ever we see a bus she says "look mom, a bus, like Max's." MISS YOU!

Adri said...

Hi Elizabeth and fam...So fun to see your photos, I can't believe how big your kids are getting...especially Dal's little pal, Nik! She is adorable! I just found some pictures of those two together while I was putting together my 2005 photo album. He hasn't had a girlfriend since! :) Hope you are great. Post some pics of your new house, if you can. I'd love to see it!

alison said...

hey pillings! it is ali russell. adri forwarded your blog to me. your kids are so cute. i am glad you are doing so well and having so many adventures! i'd love to see pictures of your new house also. take care!