So these are about 4 months old. Yes I'm an aweful blogger. Oh well. This was up in Macall, Idaho at the ski hill. we went up for the weekend. It was Max's third year skiing and now I think he's finally got it well enough to go with no help. He can turn and stop really well now. This was Nikki's first year and she's just about as good as Max!! she can turn really well but stopping is another story. She took out a few people before the day was over. I couldn't believe how fast she picked it up, though! Whitney just wanted to eat the snow.


MommyCat said...

YAY and new post!!!!!

Love your kids..they are so dang cute! I luv the pic of Whitney..she looks like Maggie from The Simpsons in the snow suit w/ the passi..hahaha.

Oneida said...

Good for people to know.