guess who's three

how do you properly celebrate turning three? ask whitney. she'll tell you all about it.

first of all, there's a birthday cat, whithout a doubt, to have and to hold and to cuddle in bed (the cat's bed) and to name Sasafrass which, when called by a new three-year-old, owns the cutest three syllabals known to man,

and which, when obeyeing the new three-year-olds beckoning, brings the BIGGEST smile to a birthday girl's face.

of course, there's some getting used to a new finger on the still chubby baby hand that's so accustomed to two,

and, certainly, there should be tinkerbell-donning birthday cakes

complete with the bluest tongue-staining frosting availabe.

and birthday smiles

and birthday smirks

and birthday poses too.

and don't forget the hugs and kisses.

oh, and a party too rediculously big for any three year old.

and so, we have more love for this three-year-old than seems possible to have aquired for her in the three short years we've had her, but that's how it works with your kids - constantly baffeled by how attached you seem to have become to them. this one for sure


Nead Family said...

whitney, whitney. what would any of us do without you? thanks for being madison's first official best friend. you definitely have a flair about you that we all LOVE and you keep us all entertained everyday. keep sneaking over, we love it! happy birthday, cutie!

mags said...

i'm going to add you to my blog roll of home stylin' blogs. i just dig your ideas!

I am MommaCat said...

what a cutie she is! so you guys got a cat?? love the party decor...where did u find it?

Shelby said...

happy 3rd, Whitney! November babies are special. Mine just turned one and I feel equally baffled by the love!! Miss you guys!