i fell off the face of the earth

and that's my excuse for being away so long. actually, i did something so awefull it made me want to never touch a computer again. yes, it's what all we bloggers (if i can even call myself that anymore), mothers, documenters, etc. dread most of all things to be dreaded in regards to things technological. I DELETED ALL MY DIGITAL PICTURES AND VIDOES!!!! not every last one, but just those from the last three years. you know, the last two babies and everything since. and not just go to the trash bin deleted, but permanently gone (so i thought. this story has a happy ending). it's a long and stupid story of how it happened, although i did the deed in two seconds. you know,

click click,
oh SH*T!!!

sunny rays ahead.

never fear, for i have an AWSOME brother-in-law, BRAD, who saved the day.
it took him about a month of searching and scanning and whatever else computer guys do and now i have most of my stuff back.
so you see why i stayed away?
THANK YOU BRAD!! you are the POO (that's very good in the pilling house)
so now i'm back.


Becky said...

Hey Elizabeth! I'm glad you're back. I blog stocked you and read your blog from start to finish. Your family is so cute! I feel for you with the whole deleting stuff on accident. Been there, done that and almost puked on my computer I was so sick about what I had done. I'm glad you got the pics and video recovered. ~Becky Alger Freitas

alison said...

glad to see you are back. i am sorry that all your stuff got erased! but glad that it is back. what a great b-i-l. i am afraid that will happen to me someday. i really need to make back-ups of my 4000+ pictures. hope you are doing well. keep on blogging!

Michelle said...

That is the best news EVER.