it's that time of year

"what time of year? ", you ask.
the time of year when these are in great abundance on (seemingly) every shelf and in every corner and EVERYWHERE i look as i stroll the aisles of the grocery store intent on keeping purchases chocolate free.
but i fail.
and now the bag sits in the pantry.
calling to me.
but it's still unopened.
although, the bag of peanut butter m&ms are long gone (my all year temptation).
so there's a method.
place a perfect pastel egg on the center of your tongue.
now roll it around for a while until the formerly thickish shell is paper thin.
then gently crack the shell off with your back teeth leaving only the sweet milky goodness to slowly dissolve away.
and that is pure bliss.
i'm not kidding.
now don't you feel sorry for me this time of year?

edit: stop telling me about the christmas cad minis and the dark chocolate ones. this does not help me at all.
p.s. the bag still has not been opened.


Becky said...

I LOVE this time of year...and it has a lot to do with that very bag of chocolate, thick shelled eggs! Pure bliss!

annelisa said...

Those are my weakness too!

Peter and Amber said...

Those are my absolute FAVORITE! I'll go through at least a couple bags! ;-) They sell them at Christmas too by the way!

Adri said...

I can so relate. Love. Them.

alison said...

my thoughts exactly. i had to go to the store twice today and i couldn't resist the second time. we broke the bag open tonight.

Amy said...

My husband and I love the dark chocolate ones. We went through a bag in the last two days (he devoured while I savored). This post cracked me up because I had just written a status update on FB last night about how I was trying to teach my husband to enjoy them more slowly, in part for my own selfish reasons (I can't keep up!) and in part because I think if he slows down, the enjoyment last longer.

Kathy Habel said...

Love them too. Did you know they make them at Christmas time too in red & green... A fact I wish I hadn't learned.

I am MommaCat said...

Oh yum! My fav :) I already bought 2 bags!

mags said...

i have the same problem, only now it's worse with the dark chocolate version.