today you're "free"

happy birthday, my dear sweet little baby girl.
not so baby anymore.
every day i look at your fat little cheeks
and your round little nose
and i laugh at how lucky i am to be your mama.
so now you get to hold up a trio of chubby fingers
and exclaim for the next year
"i'm free!"


I am MommaCat said...

Happy birthday sweet Devan!!!

Michelle said...

What an adorable "free" year old. (In our house the preferred pronunciation is "fwee") Such beautiful kids, Elizabeth. I love the pics of baby Gwen. Keep posting.

PS. If you're interested in browsing our blog, sen me an email and I'll sen you an invite.


PPS. Happy Birthday Devan.

Michelle said...

I mean, send! How did I misspell that one twice?