i got stuck in my boots. and i mean STUCK.
yes, the online boot description stated,
"for slim calved legs"
and no, i would never describe mine as slim,
but i bought them anyway,
hoping there would be a little bit of wiggle room.
they are so comfy on.
cute, classy, simple, versatile,
(here is where i've burned a cerebral mental note)
next time i MUST wear tights or knee highs.
you see, the small gap between the top of my socks and the top of my boots,
when slightly moistened by a very feminine dose of sweat,
combined with the aforementioned snugness of the boot,
created a kind of ... ummm... chinese finger TRAP with my leg.
ouch. and i mean OUCH!
pulling, tugging, twisting, whimpering, to no avail.
finally, after pondering taking a pair of scissors to the fine italian leather,
i decided lotion might be a better bet.
even still the boots were stubborn,
but, with devan's help (and reprimands) i was freed.
my calves are still burning, like i've been given two huge indian burns
(remember giving those to your worst enemies in 2nd grade?).
oh, the price we pay for fashion.


Becky said...

That is a sad story and yet....hilarious! I hope the tights or knee-highs work next time. That would not be fun to go through again.

If the name of those boots is Italian leg trap, you might've known.

Amy said...

If I told you I was dying laughing picturing this, can we still be friends? :) Glad you escaped your boot trap!

Nead Family said...

wow, i can't believe that was going on right next door....you should've just called me. i would have helped you get those boots off! we at least wanted to see a picture of these cute boots that are worth putting on again.....although, i'm sure they won't get stuck again....that was a funny story, elizabeth! but, really call me next time!