skeeziks is 18 months

what? how? yes, it's true, sad to say.
i guess that's what babies do.  they grow up.
those poor cheeks get squished and kissed and pinched all day long.
can you blame me?

"MOM!  Get that thing out of my FACE!"


this little dab is quite the jabberwalkee.
max suggested i do a post about all the new words she's saying.
i don't know if i can think of them all but here goes:

map - max
nee-kee - nikki
wha-nee or muh-nee - whitney
uh-buh-boo - up or open
waaaay - wade (yes she's started calling him by his first name)
tee-dee - tv
mote - remote
moo-moo - movie
thow - show
these are funny because she'll never sit to watch a show, try as i might to get her to.
papa - grandpa
fooooo - food (said really loud and frantic like)
pay - play
ow-thide - outside
thower - shower
thorry - sorry
she totally has a lisp
thoft - soft
thippy - sippy
buppy - puppy
nana - banana
bee-buh-boo - peek-a-boo
hello - latley she says this with a really thick english accent.
don't ask me why.
bup - book
foe - phone
kah-koo - cracker
kee-coo - cookie
bappy - paci (which she lost interest in a few months ago.  hooray!)
wah-wee - water
meeee - please
nnnACK! - snack
sit down
stand up
goo-guhl - good girl
thin-tee - stinky
boop - poop
she likes to sit on the toilet and pretend she's being very productive with lots of noisy grunts and giggles. 

there's a bunch more i can't think of.

often times she says her words twice.  first really high pitched and fast and then really low and slow.
like she's trying to make a sentence but only knows the one word.
that or she'll babble a bunch of gibberish and then get to the point and say the one word she knows really clearly.
funny how babies know how conversations work.  like there's more than just the one word, but a whole sentence around it.
still waiting for her to say devan's name and yes.  she says no to everything you ask her.  even when she clearly means yes.

her favorite things to do are climb on the table or couch, color on the cupboards with markers, play hide-and-seek, throw things.  that's really fun for the other kids at dinner time.
biscuits flying across the table are quite funny. 
she loves to dance and swing and bounce and take baths.
and she thinks she's really funny, which she is.

she has a poltergeist voice.
she goes, "mama, mama," all sweet and nice, and then, "MAAMAA!" really low and growly like.... a poltergeist.
kind of creepy.

and she gives really big hugs and kisses.
but she doesn't like to be kissed on the mouth.  if you ask for a kiss she'll offer her forehead.
i get her lips anyway.


Mostly Leighanna, some Jordan said...

gwen using an english accent tells me someone has been watching a little too much downton abbey.

Becky said...

I was also thinking Downton Abbey! Ha! You're found out!

She is SO precious! I can't believe she is 18 months already! It's just not fair! I LOVE all those pictures! And ALL those words! And especially the poltergeist voice! I'd love to hear that in person.

Are you sure some of those pictures aren't actually Devan? 2nd, 3rd, 4th and kinda 5th look SO MUCH like Devan...when she was younger. SISTERS!

Anonymous said...


Amy said...

I know I already told you this.... but I just LOVE the stage she's in right now! Her jabbering is my favorite!! Such a beautiful sweet little thing!!

Shelby said...

She is a beautiful baby. Holy cow. Love her cute words, too. Quite a talker, already! miss you.

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