baby elle one month

well, she's more than a month now, seven weeks actually, but these are all around her one month mark.
this little lady is one easy baby.
she sleeps 8-10 hours a night
she smiles a lot when she's awake and started cooing and "talking" a few weeks ago.
the kids all adore her.  how could you not?

my good friend, amy, took these when elle was two weeks old.
i love them.
she's already so much bigger.

can you even believe those lips?
they get kissed all day long, which is probably how she got a cold.

these were all random pictures from my phone

second time out on the boat for little miss

the evolution of a first smile

funny bib

trying to wake up after 10 hours of sleep

it's. just. so. exhausting. my. life.

aaaaaand more sleeping.
she's good at it.


I am MommyCat said...

Ohhhhh, she is too sweet! I can't get over how much she looks like Gwen..It's like she's her twin born a little later :) That smile is fabulous! 8-10 hours of sleep? REALLY?? Your one lucky Momma. This Auntie is in love. Give her kisses for me.

Becky said...

she is so precious! I can't believe she is so old already! I love all the pictures! I especially love the ones with you and Elle....so so beautiful!

Katie Busken said...

She is beautiful--just like all your gorgeous daughters!!