baby elle at 4, 5 & 6 months

 baby elle is getting big. fast.
so i thought i'd better get some more pictures of her up before she's walking ;)

at four months this little gem was as sweet as ever and happy as could be and all the littles above her were still very much in love with her.
how could they not be?
she wasn't doing much other than baby stuff.
LOTS of sleeping, laughing, and being pleasant in general.
and sleeping.

she celebrated 4 months on new year's eve in SLC.

poor little miss got sick with RSV and had a rough couple of weeks, but didn't get nearly as sick as some babies do, thank goodness.  still, i've never had a baby so sick and miserable.

at five months little dab decided the world was worth waking up to.
she started to be more aware of what was around her,
like her, apparently, very captivating hands and feet.

more sleeping

baby learned to roll from front to back.  more of a tip-over, i'd say.  my babies take forever to do anything since they spend the majority of their first six months asleep, so tipping over is quite exciting.

and this is the face i'm greeted with whenever i enter the room.
she's president of my fan club.

six months brought a few more grams of cheek chubs, may favorite kind,

and some experimenting with baby food.  she's not a fan of the mushy stuff, but prefers things she can chew, so we've kind of skipped baby food altogether and moved right to solids.
i don't blame her.  that gunk is kind of gross, which is exactly what gwen thought too, and made her opinion on the matter all too apparent by gagging and puking on the floor whenever she saw elle being fed baby food.

she gets going CRAZY in this thing.  it's so so funny.

doing some pretty awesome sitting,

and looking pretty proud of herself.

this has been an official overload of photos.
your welcome.


Nathan said...

What a beauty! I Love all the pictures! My favorite is the about to roll/tip over one because you can see her awesome baby cleavage! I love that! My second favorite is the one with her beautiful momma!

She is SO adorable!


I am MommaCat said...

Ohhh, those cheeks! Love!

Susannah said...

What a gorgeous little one! :-)

Katie Busken said...

She is just outstandingly beautiful!