Devan is fitting right in with the rest of the Pilling kids.

Whitney loves to take care of Devan. She always wants to hold her and tuck her in and likes to make sure all her toes are still there.

She's such a good baby. All she does is eat and sleep and poop. WOuldn't we all like to live such a life?


Shelby said...

Your girls are already all sooo pretty. Watch out Daddy Wade, you're going to need to be on your toes!!

I am MommaCat said...

Ohhh...Such beautiful pictures!! She really does look alot like Whitney did...How sweet! Your kids are missed SO much from Auntie Cat & Uncle Jess and cousins :)

Kim said...

She is beautiful Elizabeth...what pretty girls you have...good thing they all have abig brother to beat anyone up for them!!!