Devan Elizabeth Pilling
She's finally here. Doesn't look too happy in this picture. We had her Tuesday night at 9:44. Things went just as planned. Fast.
She weighed in at 6 pounds 5 ounces and measured 20 1/2 inches. And she looks just like all our other kids did!

This is Wednesday morning when my mom brought the kids to see us. The first thing they said was, "She's so tiny!"

Sorry Max. Now you're REALLY outnumbered. Max doesn't seem to care that he's the only boy. He's just so excited to have a new baby. That's because he's such a sweetheart and loves everyone.

Whitney LOVES the new baby. She wants to hold her every second she can, and she's really pretty gentle and very enthralled with her. She just looks at her and points excitedly to all her parts.
I've got a lot more pictures on our other camera that are much better. I'll post them this weekend, but I thought this could tide you all over until then. We're all doing great. Came home Wednesday. Feel free to call or drop in.


alison said...

congratulations! she is absolutely beautiful. my niece's name is devon (her middle name is alison, after me) and i love it! hope youa re all doing well.


The Boyle Family Press said...


Congrats! She is beautiful, just like her momma. It is great to hear from you all!


Shelby said...

She is so sweet. You are right, she does remind me of big sisters when they were born! She's darling . . . it makes me excited for what's to come for us. Congratulations!! Miss you. Shelby and Fam

The Matthews Family said...

She looks so little in that car seat!!! So beautiful, I hope to drop by really soon!

Jenni said...

She really is one of the most beautiful babies ever. I can't wait to see her again! The pictures of her and the kids are so precious. Those are true smiles of happiness.

The Ray Family said...

she's beautiful! congrats on your new addition!!!

Adri said...

Cograts to all. What a beauty...just like her sisters. We love the photos!

Anonymous said...

love to take those 2 little girls to bed and show them where a baby comes out, get my fingers in nice n deep