We spent a whole day in Old San Juan. The streets were all really narrow cobble stone and totally shadowed by huge trees and vines. It was exactly how I hoped it would be. There was this cool little sweet/coffee shop under a monstrous tree.

The whole city is surrounded by a 500-year-old wall that is dotted with these really charming lookouts. The walls come to a point at this huge fortress right on the cliffs by the ocean. It was really cool to see how this half-century structure had held up to time and the elements.

Someone shaved their dog to look like a lion. I was totally convinced. I guess they had something pretty valuable they wanted protected.

Out of nowhere it started to pour. We had to hide in a doorway while the street turned into a river. I guess we were in a tropical rain forest.
Here is another picture from Flamingo Beach near where we were snorkeling.


alison said...

i have heard that puerto rico is beautiful and a great place to travel. could you please explain to me how you are 7 months pregnant in these pictures. you look fabulous! i am only 22 weeks and i already need a crane to get out of bed. i am glad you guys had a good time.


Jenni said...

Finally I get to see pictures!!! Those are beautiful, it makes me even sadder we didn't go with you guy, but I am sure it was great to just spend time with each other. That beach is unbelievable. What a fun trip!
(In response to Alison, she still looks fabulous and she is having her baby on Tuesday! I need a crane to get out of bed and I am not even pregnant!)

Jenni said...

oh, there is a picture of you hidden underneath the one of the lion dog. It is only like that on my computer? I can see the very edge of it and if I click on it I can see it because it enlarges. That's a cute picture and it looks like an awesome place.