the best and worst of summer 08'

so, where have we been? oh you know. here and there.
ya, it's been three months. so what?
just be prepared for lots of pics.
this is how it all went down.
this guy completed a tri-athelon...

on an injured knee.
what a stud.
this one started walking.
check her out rockin' the walk.
this one stole my heart
(and sometimes stomped on it).

some of us lost teeth.

we applied lots of sunscreen...
but not caution

we took a ten day camping trip in montana
(montana will get it's own post...eventually)

these two were best friends,
but not all the time.
my sisters and mom and i celebrated my mom's 65th birthday in vegas.
( i swear we didn't get her drunk)
devan tagged along

some of the time we wore clothes, but most of the time we didn't (the kids).
ariel and kelly came for a visit.
someone got a new do
and someone else got stitches
my best friend since kindergarten, danielle, and her mom came to check out idaho,
and then they moved here!
then we took a trip to louisville with my parents for wade's work.
and got caught in a wind storm
and watched guys blow glass. can you tell how enthralled i am?
and made funny faces to describe the boston ivy growing up the walls
and we had to stop by our old place in "da ville"
and check the dumpster and say hi to the gang at the goodwill
just for old time's sake.
and stalk the houses that made us drool when we were in school.
still made us drool.
and then get cozy with some creepy statue on market st.
and realize, again, how cute my dad is.
and then got seperated into thousands of pieces.
isn't kentucky fun?

then max wowed us with his mad wakeboarding skills.
those being standing erect and hanging on.
go max!
and then there was lots of this.
lots and lots of this.
and lots of this too.
covered in squishy kisses.

throw in a trip to logan (of which i can't find any pics), a couple more camping adventures, and a hundred or so outings to the pool/waterpark/landpark and there you have the pilling summer of 08'.
all wrapped up in one tidy post.
see you next summer.
just kidding.
tomorrow's headline : "devan turns one!"


Kim said...

Geez.....good to finally get a post from the pilling household!!! Love all the pictures and you recapped very well! Lots of fun had by the pillings! I can't beleive Devan is gonna have her birthday!!! Crazy!

Extraordinary Housewife said...

Congrats on the Tri. I never, ever want to see Wade in something that tight (I mean TIGHT) again!

It is disturbing on so many levels.


. said...

finally! I must admit when you said you were going to post I had my doubts, but I am glad you are back.

annelisa said...

It's good to see you're back! Looks like you had a great summer!

jen said...

What an amazing fun summer you guys had! Love all the pics. I especially enjoy all the cute and clever things you say. You guys are the cutest family!!!

Nead Family said...

cute post, elizabeth! Max looked so cute on his wakeboard! And i loved the pics of you and wade and you guys with brad an jenni...cute, cute! Yes, summer was fun...i still can't believe it's over. Do you think we'll still be saying that at halloween or christmas? time flies...

Katie Busken said...

I'm so glad you posted again! I love to see what your family is up to--and it sounds like you've been busy. What a fun summer.

Peter and Amber said...

You have such a beautiful family! Looks like you had a great summer! Hope all is well... :-)

Shelby said...

Sounds like a great summer! So jealous you got to go to the Ville. Your Max and 3 beautiful blondes are preicous! Miss you all.