how did this happen?

i'm not sure how this happened, but all of a sudden nikki is 5 and i swear she was just 3. i wish she would slow down this growing up business. it seems she's crossed the boundaries between a babbling bumbling toddler and a full-blown little girl. there's not even a little bit of baby left in her anymore. (excuse me while i blow my nose). why is 5 so much older than 4 and how does she know that?
said nikki on wednesday, the morning of her birthday :
n - mom, do you want to know how fast i can run?
me - how fast?
n - faster than a 4-year-old!
see? she knows 5 is a totally new league of childhood. there's so much more a 5er can do that she couldn't the day before. do i sound a little sad? sorry, i'm not. i'm just worried i won't remember everything she did when she was little or what she was like and that by the time she's 10 this vivid little 5-year-old will seem so long ago and far away.
enough brooding. on to the CELEBRATION!! this little thing is one seriously amazing chick. she has the most unique sense of humor. aside from the normal potty humor that i'm hoping comprises the bulk of most 5-year-old's comedic repretua(sp?) (please tell me the amount of poop, fart, bum jokes i hear out of this girl is normal) she has a wittiness that runs quite a bit deeper. almost morbid. okay, totally morbid at times, but full of thought and comparison and insight.
her sense of wonder amazes me. she makes up the most interesting games.
n - "mom. let's play 'i know what a group of things is.' what's a group of trees?"
me - "a forest."
n - "right!"
me - "what's a group of ants?"
n - "an army!"
and so on
other favorite games:
-i know what things are made out of
- tell a story from your mouth (no books allowed, only imaginations)
-(possibly my favorite) guess that smell
beyond what i think is a more intricate way of thinking, maybe because i tend to be a shallow thinker, but also because i think nikki's pretty neat, this little girl has such a soft, sugary center. if you need some loving she's there to provide. if you need to be forgiven because you're so very far from the parent she deserves, she always forgives and forgives again with nothing but love and acceptance.
true to say that nikki is a gleaming ray of sunshine in our home and we all love her. a lot.
happy birthday.


Kim said...

Nicki is a pretty great kid! Happy Birthday you big 5 year old!

Jenni said...

Happy Birthday Nikki! We love you and your morbid sense of humor.

Adri said...

What a sweet post. Elizabeth, I love the insights you share from your amazingly astute perspective. What a GREAT mom you are. Happy Birthday to Nikki! Can we re-introduce Dallin and Nik in about 12 years? ;) She's a beauty!

the Aymster said...

Hey, I recognize that first picture of Nikki!! It's fun catching up with your family. Time goes so fast.

. said...

SHe is a little firecracker, and almost too cute for her own good. Love you nikki, nik

Mostly Leighanna, some Jordan said...

elizabeth, we are really excited to see your kids when we come out! i'm not sure how the pilling boys managed to have kids that are the only kids in the world i like to be around, but they did. jordan and i often laugh about your cat root beer, who was "flat like a pancake". nikki is so hilarious.

I am MommaCat said...

what a gorgeous little girl u got there :)

Peter and Amber said...

Hi Elizabeth! I found your blog through Bille. Your kids are absolutely beautiful! Hope all is well!

Amber (Amjad) Kelepouris

Lyric Payne said...

Those first two pics of Nikki are gorgeous. Also, you are a fabulous and unique writer. Were you an english major in college?

Amy said...

Elizabeth! I was so excited when I found your blog. Can't remember quite how I did that now. I've been reading it for a few weeks now. Time to drop you a line. How ARE you? Haven't seen you since shortly after you got married and just before I transferred from BYU. Do you keep in touch with any of our old roomies? I chat to Katie formerly-Gordon occasionally and check in on her website. I even saw here once about a year or so ago when she was at a conference in Boston. But I haven't managed to stay in touch with Katie Grizzle, Emily, or Anna. Pretty sad. I'd love to reconnect with them too if you know how to reach them. Let's catch up a bit soon if you have the time. I'd love to hear what the last 9 years have been like for you.

My goodness you and Wade have some beautiful kids!

Amy (McQuay)

Bald n Beautiful said...

She is so beautiful, you are going to be fighting off the boys soon. I love reading all the things she says.

Rachel said...

Do you know that your kids are beautiful? You better appreciate it. Nikki is seriously pretty in the prettiest way a person can be pretty. And so are the littlest girls.

Seriously, my little Easton and any one of your girls would make the cutest offspring.

Katie Busken said...

Your kids are absolutely beautiful! Reading your blog reminds me of our freshman year at BYU. Your kids are so lucky to have you as their mother!

Anonymous said...

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