devan update

it's been a big month for you, little devan. you went from just being able to get to a sit position to fully crawling and now you're pulling yourself up on things to stand.

what happened to our deal? you know, when you agreed to no crawling before ten months in exchange for protection from your next oldest sister?

i think you probably realized you could keep out of danger better if you had an escape plan. thus - the crawl.

and you're calling us by our names now. so sweet, but why will you only say mine when your hungry or in distress? "mamamamamamama!!"

and finally, your first tooth. making your daddy proud. all shiny and sharp. perfect addition to your quiver of self - defense tactics. run away- bite - run away - bite.

and all of this in one month. let's take this next month easy, okay baby girl?


Kim said...

Oh...she is such a cutie!!!

I am MommaCat said...

Awww....sweet girl...getting so big so fast! I miss her :(

Amy said...

That is one busy month! I noticed today at church how much her hair is growing too... she's such a cute baby and so sweet!!!

. said...

Keep up the biting, it will get you far baby.